Cybersecurity Solutions

Data Security

When data is at rest or in motion, organizations of all sizes need the proper protection in place to maintain security. Patriot data security solutions include:

  • Data loss prevention: Discover where data is stored, understand its location, and monitor its use to prevent costly data breaches.
  • Full disk encryption: Regardless of whether data is stored physically, virtually, or in the cloud, encryption solutions ensure confidentiality and data integrity.
  • File integrity: Validate the operating system and application from which a user is modifying a file. Realize the who, what, where, and when of configuration changes.
  • Database protection: Database encryption, activity monitoring, and backups, ensure confidentiality and availability of data.

Networking Security

Techparks can deploy a combination of the following network security solutions tailored to your organization’s unique network infrastructure. Patriot network security solutions include:

  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): IPS record network traffic and analyze activity to prevent advanced malware threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Firewall/unified threat management systems (UTMs): In addition to traditional firewall capabilities (e.g., packet filtering and VPNs), UTMs enable protection of non-IP based legacy devices which often control critical infrastructures.
  • Network access control (NAC): NAC improves network security by limiting availability of resources to devices that comply with predefined security protocols.
  • Advanced malware protection (AMP): AMPs find, fix, and freeze malware detected within organizational networks.
  • Email, web & domain name security: DNS security extensions filter email spam, monitor web traffic for malicious sites, and control the traffic end users can access.

Edge Security (Endpoint Security)

Implementing Techparks’s edge security solutions provides a layer of security by monitoring your organization’s endpoints. Techparks’s edge security solutions include:

  • Mobile device security management (MDSM): MDSM administers and controls what, when, and where, users can access applications, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and preventing organizational data leakage.
  • Configuration and vulnerability management: Vulnerability scanners identify, classify, and remediate vulnerabilities such as open ports and misconfigured software configurations.
  • Endpoint protection: Disk encryption, host intrusion protection, and endpoint detection and response solutions ensure the protection of data at rest and in motion.
  • Asset management: Understand the physical devices on your corporate network and receive notifications when new devices are added.

Application Security

Only requiring your application’s binary code, Techparks uses advanced tools to identify and remediate application vulnerabilities. Techparks application security solutions include:

  • Vulnerability management: Manage the vulnerabilities associated with in house developed applications and web-based applications via scanning tools, firewalls, and secure code development.
  • Mobile application management: User blacklisting and whitelisting, delivery management of applications to mobile devices, and mobile application vulnerability testing.

Sandbox (Symantec) Content Analysis

Sandbox technology with Symantec

Advanced sandboxing within Symantec Content Analysis detects and analyzes unknown, advanced, and targeted malware using a unique, dual-detection approach that safely detonates suspicious files and URLs, reveals malicious behavior, and exposes zero-day threats.

Sandbox in General

A sandbox is a testing environment that executes potentially malicious files or URL requests in an isolated area, typically on a virtual machine. If the sandboxing application finds that an executed file modified system files or infected the system in any way, those issues will not spread to other areas. Files are executed in their own sequestered area, where they can be tested without posing any threat to a client computer or network. Because the environment is not actually connected to a network, any malware that executes in the sandbox environment cannot infect a real device or network.

Sandbox (FIREYE) Malware Analysis

Safely execute and analyze malware in a secure environment. Malware analysis is an important part of preventing and detecting future cyber-attacks. Using malware analysis tools, cyber security experts can analyze the attack lifecycle and glean important forensic details to enhance their threat intelligence.

Malware Analysis (AX series) products provide a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities. Malware Analysis shows the cyber-attack lifecycle, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts.

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SIEM TLM LogRhythm:

The Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) Framework is a series of aligned security operations capabilities. It begins with the ability to see broadly and deeply across your IT environment and ends with the ability to quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents.

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EDR Carbon black:

The CB Predictive Security Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that consolidates security in the cloud, making it easy to prevent, investigate, remediate and hunt for threats.

While other endpoint security products only collect a filtered dataset related to what is “known bad,” the CB Predictive Security Cloud continuously collects all endpoint activity data, because attackers intentionally try to “look normal” in order to hide their attacks. This comprehensive unfiltered data powers the CB Predictive Security Cloud.

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Encryption, certes

Certes Networks Zero Trust Security solutions protect data and applications in motion with a range of software defined security solutions. Our Zero Trust framework protects application traffic over any environment to any user, device or location; all this without affecting network or application performance whatsoever. Our patented and industry leading Layer 4 stealth encryption solution gives you “Encryption without Compromise”.

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The threats against apps and data are unrelenting and evolving every day. BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) is a powerful WAF that enables you to defeat sophisticated and complex threats while also improving app performance by offloading SSL.
BIG-IP ASM stops these threats via a combination of layer 7 DDoS defenses, advanced detection and mitigation techniques, deep threat analysis, dynamic learning, virtual patching, and granular attack visibility.
And, BIG-IP ASM provides visibility into HTTP and WebSocket traffic to protect against attacks that blend in with normal web traffic, streaming data feeds, and chat sessions.

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Advanced Threat Protection is comprehensive security solutions that defend against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data. ATP solution addresses those pressing security concerns for customers. It sees potential threats and provides visibility into malicious activity. And it investigates suspicious events, allowing customers to search for indicators-of-compromise and get rich threat intelligence from data feeds. It correlates suspicious events across all Symantec-protected control points, and prioritizes threat events in a single console, so that security analysts can take immediate action to respond to those incidents that pose the most risk to the organization.

Juniper Symantec PaloAlto

Threat intelligence Platform (Anomali)

At Anomali, we believe in making the benefits of cyber threat intelligence accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve developed tools and research that we offer to the community — all for free.

  • ​ Start collecting and analyzing threat intelligence with STAXX
  • Deploy your own honeypots with the Modern Honeynet
  • Stay up to date on cyber threat events with the Weekly Threat Briefing
  • Learn about localized cyber capabilities with our Country Profiles

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